Is it possible to improve the accuracy of EuroSCORE?

Field Value
Model ID09-025-01
Model NameModified EuroSCORE
Pubmed ID19523840
First AuthorNissinen
JournalEuropean Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery
TitleIs it possible to improve the accuracy of EuroSCORE?
Primary Index ConditionCardiac Surgery
Secondary Index ConditionN/A
Model Sample Size3613
Cohort Sample Size3613
Number of Events90
Follow-Up DurationShort (<3 months)
Calibration Reported
CovariatesAge <60 years, Age 60-69 years, Age 70-79 years, Age >=80 years, Female, Pulmonary disease, Extracardiac arteriopathy, Neurological dysfunction, Redo surgery, Critical preoperative status, Left ventricular ejection fraction >50%, Left ventricular ejection
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