Short-term prognosis after emergency department diagnosis of TIA

Field Value
Model ID00-017-01
Model NameCalifornia Risk Score
Pubmed ID11147987
First AuthorJohnston
JournalJournal of the American Medical Association
TitleShort-term prognosis after emergency department diagnosis of TIA
Primary Index ConditionStroke
Secondary Index ConditionTransient Ischemia Attack (TIA)
Model Sample Size1707
Cohort Sample Size1707
Number of Events180
Follow-Up DurationModerate (3-6 months)
AUROCNot reported
Calibration Reported
CovariatesAge >60 y, Diabetes mellitus, Duration of episode >10 min, Weakness with episode, Speech impairment with episode
Mesh TermsTo be updated
Number of Validations2

External Validations

1st Author Year Sample Size AUC Calibration Relatedness
Purroy 2012 1137 0.54 No To be updated
Nguyen 2010 326 0.69 No To be updated