Cardiovascular disease risk profiles

Field Value
Model ID91-007-01
Model NameNational Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Framingham - SBP, CHD
Pubmed ID1985385
First AuthorAnderson
JournalAmerican Heart Journal
TitleCardiovascular disease risk profiles
Primary Index ConditionPopulation Sample
Secondary Index ConditionN/A
Model Sample Size5573
Cohort Sample Size5573
Number of EventsNR
Follow-Up DurationLong (>6 months)
Calibration Reported1
CovariatesTheta zero; Theta one; Beta zero; Female; log(age); log(age) * female; (log(age))^2 * female; log(SBP); Cigarettes (Y/N); log(total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol); Diabetes; Diabetes * female; ECG-LVH
Mesh TermsTo be updated
Number of Validations6

External Validations

1st Author Year Sample Size AUC Calibration Relatedness
Bastuji-Garin 2002 4407 NR Yes Distantly Related
Colombet 2001 114 0.58 No Distantly Related
May 2006 3582 0.59 Yes Distantly Related
Colombet 2001 114 0.6 No Distantly Related
Yeboah 2012 1330 0.623 No Distantly Related
Guzder 2004 428 0.657 Yes Distantly Related