Early prediction of prognosis in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Field Value
Model ID90-002-01
Model NameKentsch 1990
Pubmed ID2246419
First AuthorKentsch
JournalIntensive Care Medicine
TitleEarly prediction of prognosis in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Primary Index ConditionCardiac Arrest
Secondary Index ConditionN/A
Model Sample Size205
Cohort Sample Size347
Number of Events23
Follow-Up DurationShort (<3 months)
Calibration Reported1
CovariatesAge <=70 years; Age 71-80 years; Age >80 years; Initial ECG rhythm: ventricular fibrillation or flutter; Initial ECG rhythm: other (asystole, bradycardia, electromechanical dissociation); Respiratory activity: spontaneous or gasp breathing; Respiratory activity: apnea; Aspiration: yes (vs. no); Pupil shape: not round (vs. round); Bystander resuscitation: no (vs. yes); Constant
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