Predicting hematoma expansion after primary intracerebral hemorrhage

Field Value
Model ID14-026-03
Model NameHematoma Expansion (HE) Prediction Score - 3 Month Mortality
Pubmed ID24366060
First AuthorBrouwers
JournalJournal of the American Medical Association Neurology
TitlePredicting hematoma expansion after primary intracerebral hemorrhage
Primary Index ConditionStroke
Secondary Index ConditionHemorrhage
Model Sample Size817
Cohort Sample Size817
Number of Events244
Follow-Up DurationModerate (3-6 months)
Calibration Reported1
CovariatesWarfarin sodium use; Time to initial CT <=6 h; Baseline ICH volume: <30 mL; Baseline ICH volume: 30-60 mL; Baseline ICH volume: >60 mL; CT angiography spot sign: absent; CT angiography spot sign: present; CT angiography spot sign: unavailable
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